Desk Setup – 19 Home Office Ideas That Look Dope (And Increase Productivity)

Desk Setup

Working from home has now become the norm, and more individuals are choosing to do so than ever before. With many offices being forced to close during the COVID-19 outbreak, a home office setup has become a must for anyone who wishes to work from home. A comfortable and effective workstation can make or break productivity, and the desk layout is an important part of any home office. In this article, we’ll go through 19 home office ideas to help you establish a cool work setup and boost your productivity.

Lighter Colour Theme for the Room

First, while setting up your home office desk setup, choose to pick a room with a lighter colour tone. Colours leave a lot of impression on our subconscious mind, per this report. A lighter colour, such as white, depicts positivity, cleanliness and a successful start. They change our moods and how we function. So it’s always recommended to set up your workstation in a room with a light colour theme.

Adjustable Work Desk

After choosing your room, the most important furniture for your home office is now. The work desk should be adjustable so that you may change the height based on your sitting habits. Many of us do long sittings, so opting for an adjustable work desk would be more comfortable. Your work desk should be wide and long to give you more space and set the things properly instead of a congested one that makes a mess while adjusting the things. Here too, a light colour desk such as white would be a good choice and will also enhance the items/ accessories placed on your desk.

Leather Desk Mat

Buy a leather desk mat to give your table a more professional and organised look. Your keyboard and mouse should reside on the leather desk mat. This time, a brown-coloured desk mat would add more aesthetics to your desk setup.

Hexagon LED Lights on the Wall

To add more aesthetics to the room, install hexagon lights on the wall in front of your table. The hexagon lights can be installed in numerous patterns as per your choice. They have soft light that lightens your room and makes it look better. They are controlled remotely, and you can set many colours based on your mood.

A Notebook and Pen

To get your ideas sorted and to get a better understanding of things, keep a notebook and pen at your table. It will help you understand the ins and outs of the logic and ideas you can right and make more sense.

Setup Your Workstation by the Window

Your room should have a window next to your desk setup to increase productivity. This helps you see natural light in the daytime and enjoy the weather side by side. A fresh breeze is also very important to refresh your mood and give yourself a short break.

RGB Lights Below the Desk

A home office setup without RGB lights? Ah, not a good idea. At night, you can light up your RGB lights as you like and enjoy a new vibe of your room while working.

Neon Light Wall Quotes

Neon light wall quotes will also give you more aesthetics and motivate you based on your written work. You will stay motivated and connected to your work. A beautiful work desk also motivates you to work, which is a true aspect of improving your setup.

Thoughtful Paintings/ Quotes on the Wall

If you are not a neon lights person or are more into painting and quotes, hang a painting in front of your work desk wall. 

Add Plant

Plants hugely positively affect your overall health over the long term. Houseplants can help us reconnect with nature, and they bring life and colour to the space at your desk setup. Nurturing a small plant at your desk is a good thing to do. They can also reduce stress levels and give an alternative method to fill your time (watering and trimming are great exercises for stress relief). Most people use succulents at their work desks.

Monitor Lightbar

Research has shown that we are on computers an average of 5.7 hours per day, which can cause eye irritation. To alleviate the discomfort, it is recommended to use the monitor illuminates Screenbar strives to provide the ideal lighting solution to read your screen. It offers the ideal lighting solution for computer users, gamers, students and anyone else. Monitor lighting can block reflections from the screen and direct glare, providing users with a pleasant reading experience—an ideal home office tool for creatives and business professionals.

Laptop Stand

If you have a laptop alongside your desktop, get a laptop stand. The stand raises your laptop from 2.5 to 6 inches for an ideal eye level. There are a variety of heights to choose from that improve your posture and help reduce back discomfort, neck stiffness and wrist pain. It is very comfortable to use. They weigh less than one pound and are easily folded into smaller dimensions. They are aluminium alloy and feature anti-skid pads on both sides to shield your laptop from scratches and sliding.

Peg Board For Cables/ Headphones etc

Pegboards are a great way to organise your office supplies. You can put your headphones, cables, watch and other things that you typically use onto the board for the items you need quickly. Accessories are easy to move around and fix depending on your imagination. This will not only make you more organised but also makes your room beautiful.

Get a Good Lighting

It would be best if you had good lighting in your room. The dark room does not provide good vibes compared to the enlightened room. If you’re looking to improve your workspace, improving lighting is essential. Apart from giving it that perfect touch for aesthetics, a well-lit workspace can alter your mood and increase your energy levels, concentration and memory. Our bodies require exposure to extremely bright light daily to keep the cycle of sleep and wake. 

Put Small Stuff by the Table That You Like 

You can put small side table showpieces to cheer you up. It could include a globe, a table watch, your favourite characters etc.

Widescreen/ Dual Screen setup

To speed up your work, use a wider screen, or a better idea would be a dual-screen setup. You can switch between the work and can multi-task in a better way. It can bring an enormous improvement in the quality of your workspace. This isn’t a random choice, and you can have the largest screen instead of purchasing two (plus, it will require fewer cables). It’s not a matter of what desk ideas you select. You’ll be much more productive if you run multiple applications simultaneously.

Salt Lamp

If we turn to the salt lamp, it heats up, and negatively charged salt particles produced by the heat can increase blood flow, enhance sleep, increase serotonin levels in the brain, and help ease asthma and allergy symptoms. The negative ions are believed to block electromagnetic radiation from electronics in the home and prevent the buildup of static electrical current.

Note: All claimed benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are based upon customer feedback or users’ belief.

An Ergonomic Chair That Promotes Comfortable Long Sittings

Since you work for hours while sitting on a chair, the chair should be ergonomic, give a curve at your back, and be comfortable. Choose a chair on which you can spend time easily without getting tired. This is a major factor where you should spend money and get a good chair to boost your work performance.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

A wireless mouse and keyboard are a must-have for your workstation. It would be best if you did not have wires on your desk. Use wireless peripherals to give your setup a more minimal and cool look.

Wireless Headphones

A wireless headphone can put your life at ease. You can roam around your room while taking meetings and talking. They also let you move and take a break from long sittings while being on your scheduled calls. This can also provide a better work habits.

Cable Management

Cable management is a must to make your desk setup more organised. No wires should get tangled at your feet or in your chair. The cables should be concealed and should not be shown.

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