Top 15 Hand Luggage Essentials (FAQs Added)

Hand Luggage Essentials

With budget airlines continuously limiting carry-on weight and changing size limits, you must have question yourself what essentials should you include in your carry-on travel bag and what should be left out? And indeed, your little overhead backpack is bulging at the boundaries to meet these insane airline restrictions, and you’ve only packed your toiletries, makeup and a few other things so far. So in this guide, will walk you through the necessities for hassle free travel. Lets get started.

1. Passport

The most obvious will be our first. You will need your passport for any trip that crosses borders. Also, you must show it to authorities before you board the plane. It is essential to always have your passport with you.

2. Money in Two Currencies, Debit/Credit Cards or Purse/Wallet

You will need cash or a debit/credit card to purchase food and beverages onboard. Access to funds may be necessary immediately before and after your flight. This could be for payment of refreshments in the departure lounge, duty-free items, or any other unforeseen expenses. It’s a brilliant idea to have a small amount in cash in both the currency you are flying from and the currency you are flying to. You will have cash and will be prepared for everything. You will want to avoid losing your money and cards if your luggage is stolen or lost.

3. Charger for Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop

This is an easy one! You can access so many functions through this small block of plastic. Unlike in the past, you might have had to bring several items. However, many of the things you may need on the flight are now available in one place. While you’ll need to change your phone to flight mode on the flight and probably not be able to access the internet until you pay for WiFi, you can still access your apps and any documents you’ve downloaded beforehand – e.g. Tickets, directions and itineraries. Contact details for anyone you might need once you land.

You can also use your flight time to read books, play games, listen to audiobooks, listen to music, take photos of cotton wool clouds or download videos. You have an address book, a messenger, a stereo and library, a global map, and a camera. Remember your charger!

4. Headphones

Headphones are necessary if you plan to view videos, listen to music or play games on your flight.

5. Wet Wipes

A small pack of wet wipes is an often forgotten item. They can be used to clean up spillages, sticky fingers, dirty mouths, dirty reading glasses, smeared glasses, or any other food and drink containers.

6. Tissues

Tissues can be used to wipe your nose and catch sneezes. They are also instrumental in absorbing liquid spillages. If you’re a girl, you can get sanitary pads as during your travels, your periods might strike. In such instances, bringing sanitary pads with you is a good idea.

7. Medication

It’s easy to forget to bring any prescription medication you might need during the flight. This is why adding this item to your last-minute packing checklist is essential. In case of unforeseen mishaps, aches or pains, it is a good idea to bring a few “just-in-casein case” over-the-counter medications. You might need to have Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and sticking plasters.

8. Water Bottle

It is vital to have water on hand to keep hydrated and take any medication or painkillers. When water is unavailable, it can be used to clean your hands. To avoid the 100ml limit on liquid containers, fill your water bottle after you have cleared customs.

9. Reading Glasses

It can be very frustrating if you have to use reading glasses to see close-ups. Remember to pack your hand luggage! It’s not hard to believe that someone has done it. It will be impossible to read magazines or books on the flight. You won’t see any apps or information on your phone that you might need, and you won’t be allowed to access the refreshment menus and emergency information. This won’t be an important or relevant item for A1-sighted people, but it is essential for anyone who needs them.

10. Food Snacks

The nutritional value of in-flight snacks is not well-known, especially considering the high prices. To keep you going on long-haul flights, make sure you have slow snacks to release energy. However, avoiding foods that could be classified as liquids, such as marmalade, is essential. You can always choose another food if you are unsure.

11. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is the best way to refresh yourself. This is especially important when you are meeting someone special at the airport.

12. Eye mask

You can’t live without this luxury item, but it is lovely. The eye pillows are slightly weighed to help you relax. While most airlines will provide eye masks on long-haul flights, you will only find a better one if yours is purchased.

13. A Charger

You may find charging points on aeroplanes, but make sure you have a corded charger that fits your device.

14. Entertainment

You can bring your favourite entertainment, such as a book, a magazine or downloadable films and games, to your tablet. We recommend that you carry a paperback if you enjoy reading. It is lighter than a hardcover.

15. Hair Tie

It’s a good idea to bring a few hair ties if you have long hair. A hair tie can fix static-charged hair quickly while inside the aeroplane.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Luggage

What is The Hand Luggage Size For Easyjet?

One small cabin bag is allowed onboard by each person for free without any charges. The bag must be 45x36x20 cm at maximum and fit under your seat. This is the ideal bag size to contain your essentials, including a laptop, handbag etc., on the journey.

Can You Take Razors in Hand Luggage?

Razors that are fully and permanently sealed and razor cartridges cannot be carried in hand baggage. Hairspray and other aerosol products are all liquids and should be kept in your resealable bag. Creams and lotions.

Can You Take Makeup in Hand Luggage

Solid and liquid cosmetics can be brought in hand baggage, but they must follow certain security rules. Security will consider liquids to be anything less than 100ml. They must also be in a transparent, sealable, and airtight bag measuring approximately 20 cm x 20cm.

Can I Take Disposable Vape in Hand Luggage

Like all electronic devices, vapes contain lithium batteries that can be fire hazards. It cannot be stored on a plane’s hold luggage and must go in your carry-on baggage.

Can You Take Hair Straighteners in Hand Luggage

Yes, you can bring your hair straightener onboard in the cabin. Many airlines will ask that you have enough batteries to last the flight.

Can You Take Tweezers in Hand Luggage

Tweezers and scissors less than 6cm in length are allowed into the cabin. Razor blades can only be brought into the cabin if they are in plastic. You can take onboard knives with a length of 6 cm. You are prohibited from bringing any other sharp objects into the cabin.

How Much Liquid in Hand Luggage

Containers must contain at most 100ml if liquids are carried in hand luggage. Containers should be stored in one transparent, resealable plastic bag that measures 20cm by 20cm. It must hold no more than a full litre. The contents should fit in the bag comfortably so it can be sealed.

What Can’t You Take in Hand Luggage

All drinks, even water. All liquids, including water, semi-liquid and liquid foods such as soup, honey, jam, honey, syrups, etc. Cosmetics and toiletries include creams, lotions oil, perfumes, lip gloss, mascara, lipstick, and oils. Sprays include hairspray, spray deodorants, and shaving foam.


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