BBQ On A Budget- 17 Tips To Throw A Party Without Breaking The Bank

BBQ On A Budget

We don’t want the stress of rising living costs to stop us from enjoying the joys of life. We’ve searched the internet to gather our top tips on how to BBQ cheaply. We have everything from where to buy the best BBQ food to what to cook for your guests. You can throw a great summer party without spending a lot of money.

17 Tips To Do BBQ On A Budget

1. Evaluate Your Budget

First things first. Evaluate what is the cost of hosting a barbecue? And it’s really up to you. You need to determine what your budget is for the BBQ. A budget of 50-100 pounds is acceptable, depending on the size of your guests. The amount you have (or wish) to spend on grilling will determine the menu, decorations and number of people you invite. Setting a budget will really help you out in managing the things without spending

2. Make a List Of Guests

A simple way to stick to your summer entertaining budget is by keeping your guest list small. You can spend more per head if you invite fewer people. It’s best to invite only the people you love and like. You don’t have to invite 25 people unless you want to. It is important to invite the right people rather than inviting everyone.

3. Do Not Waste Money on Fancy Meat

Don’t waste money on Japanese Kobe Beef or Japanese Wagyu Beef. There’s no need for high-end meats at a barbecue. Even though the prices are low, some of the best BBQ food can still be a big deal. There are many vegetarian options available due to the popularity of plant-based diets.If you don’t want to explore veg options, you can simply go for normal beef cuts, mutton ribs or chicken Pieces. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to cook chicken, consider using thighs or wings instead.

4. Prepare Your Own Patties

Making your own burger patties is far less expensive than purchasing prepared ones. They are healthier than ready made patties from the market. Furthermore, you can prepare it with other herbs and seasonings. Try parsley or dill for a more Mediterranean flavour, or paprika and chilli for spicy patties!

5. You Can Add Carbs As Well

Carbohydrates are your best friend when you’re trying to plan a cheap barbecue. They are much more affordable than meat and can be bulked up to ensure your guests don’t go hungry. A potato salad that feeds eight could be made for the price of one steak. You could also make two to three loaves of garlic bread for as little as four chicken thighs.

Looking for some ideas? These classics will keep everyone coming back for more:

  • Potato salad
  • Caprese pasta salad
  • Mac and cheese
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Cornbread or garlic bread
  • Sweet Flavoured Corns

6. Add Cheap Cuts of Meat

Burgers and sausages are an essential component of barbecues. If you can’t afford the more expensive variety, why not add up the less expensive ones yourself? Before grilling your burger patties, fill them with cheese or chopped bacon. For sausages, we like to chop them lengthwise and load them with cheddar before wrapping them in bacon. Cheap pieces of chicken, such as thighs, are frequently disregarded, yet they are bursting with taste! Marinade them overnight to enhance their flavour.

7. Check Your Pantry While Choosing The Menu

Before brainstorming ideas for cheap barbecue menus, check your freezer and pantry. There are many great side dishes you could make for your party. Have a few boxes? You can make pasta salad or macaroni with cheese. You could make baked beans from a bag of dried beans. A jar of salsa or two could make a delicious appetiser.

8. Create Your Menu Based on Store Sales

Each week, the front cover of the grocery store sales flyer contains the best deals on meats and veggies. These sale items often get 50% off or more. You can plan your menu around these sales to increase your barbecue budget.

9. Be Creative with Toppings

You can transform your grocery store sausages and hamburgers into a 5-star meal with a few toppings. Barbecue fare can be enhanced with mashed avocado, jalapenos and gherkins. We love the idea of using our brand sauces in small dishes.

Also, you can give your BBQ food the wow factor by adding cheese to your sausages and/or slices to your patties just a few minutes before serving. Gourmet, melt-in-your-mouth burgers? Yes, please!

10. Offer More Sides

Beans, chips, macaroni salad, grilled vegetables, slaw, potato salad, and watermelon are a few examples of budget-friendly audience pleasers. Reduce meat expenditures by providing a variety of sides that your guests will undoubtedly enjoy. This amount of diversity not only demonstrates your hosting skills, but it also allows your guests to fill up on great cuisine that is considerably less expensive than meat.

11. Get Thrifty with The Fuel

Cooking your food right at the right time can make a big difference in your budget, even if you have limited funds. A single layer of charcoal should cook the food for about 1-2 hours. Instead of repeatedly heating the grill, ensure the entire food is grilled. You can still reduce your fuel consumption if you are a gas grill convert. To keep the barbecue hot, heat the grill, reduce the fuel supply and use the lid.

12. Get Cheap BBQ Spread Ideas

You can save money by making a few inexpensive sides for your barbecue party. Homemade dishes, whether a classic potato salad or chill-seasoned corn on a cob, add style to any spread. With various delicious sides and toppings, it doesn’t matter if you serve less expensive meat. This is affordable BBQ food done right.

13. Compare Price For Charcoal BBQs Vs On Gas

A charcoal barbecue is a great option if you want to save money. Because of its low price and distinctive smokey flavour, this grill is very popular among BBQ enthusiasts. However, if you are unsure whether it is healthier to grill with charcoal or gas, you may want to reconsider the old model. Food cooked with gas has fewer carcinogens. Gas barbecues are also less carbon-intensive and easier to clean. Our advice: We recommend getting a gas grill if you are a regular barbecueer. A charcoal grill will be a great investment if you limit your BBQ-ing to special occasions or if money is tight.

14. Buy the BBQ Grill Off Season

An excellent investment is a quality BBQ grill. You can enjoy memorable summer parties with a grill that lasts for years. The best time to purchase a BBQ is not in season. You’ll be able to save money by buying a BBQ clearance item. Next, you can search online for the best deals on barbecues at Amazon, Argos, and B&Q. You can quickly find the right product in these brands’ dedicated BBQ collections. You can find a portable charcoal option and fancy gas.

15. Borrow Serving Dishes

Don’t buy a lot of expensive serving platters. Ask to borrow them from your neighbours or even from the guests if it’s not a formal BBQ. People are happy to share their possessions because they spend money and want them to be put to good use.

16. Save Money On The Ice Cubes

Start storing ice from your freezer in large ziploc baggies a week before the party. This will save money buying ice from the corner shop or grocery store. This will ensure you have backup ice in case the first ice melts.

17. Save on Decorations

Truthfully, most people don’t even notice decorations. Most people are more interested in the food than other guests. Check out your local dollar shop if you want some fun BBQ decorations. For a small cost, basic string lights will make the best impact. You can even use them throughout the year. Some fairy lights would be a great idea to decorate your venue and make the environment aesthetic.

Celebrate Your Event To The Fullest

These cheap BBQ party ideas will make your summer barbecue party a success. Grilling out can be a great way to entertain large groups. The most important elements of a great party are choosing the right budget, people and food.

Amount of Meat Required

But what does this mean in terms of determining how much meat you’ll need per person? In general, you should aim for 13 to 12 pounds of meat per adult. For children, cut the amount in half to roughly 16 to 14 pounds.

For each adult, you’d need approximately:

  1. 4oz burger patty
  2. 2oz frankfurter hot dog sausage
  3. 2 chicken thighs

So you’d need the following for 20 adults:

  1. 20 burger patties (quarter-pound)
  2. 20 hot dog frankfurter sausages
  3. 40 thighs of chicken
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