7 Reasons To Stay Loyal To KFC

7 Reasons To Stay Loyal To KFC

Let me ask you a simple question: What image do you immediately associate with the immortal slogan “Finger lickin’ good”? Do you think of crispy chicken tenders or piping hot wings? KFC is here to help you no matter what image comes up. Since 1969, this chicken restaurant has provided delicious, crispy chicken meals to the community.

The KFC meal deals and KFC midnight deals are both budget-friendly. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular international dish. Colonel Harland David Sanders will wave at you from any country. KFC can be found in over 25000 locations across 145 countries. Some restaurant chains can be found on highways or in places that offer no other food options.

All items have the same recipe. Some menu items and branches are only available in some areas. KFC only uses organic chicken. They also ensure that each meal’s preparation is done most efficiently. KFC UK offers riceboxes that aren’t available in many countries. KFC offers its customers hundreds of promotional deals and discounts, giving us more reasons to love it.

Here are the reasons to stay loyal to KFC, even when fierce competition exists.

1. Tyson And Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry

What chicken was used by Colonel Harland to make his chicken tenders or zinger burgers, and do you know the name of that chicken? Even during times of depression, he used only the best poultry. Many fast-food restaurants offer almost identical meals. KFC stands out from the rest because of their high-quality standards. All meals are prepared using poultry from the finest Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride poultry farms. No matter where you live, there is no compromise in quality.

2. Their Secret Chicken Recipe

We know this is false, no matter how many home and professional chefs attempt to convince us that their chicken strips are made using KFC’s recipe. KFC is proud of its secret recipe, making its chicken tenderer crispier and double-coated. The juicy chicken has to offer a flavour blast inside your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Colonel Harland spent years perfecting his recipe. Then, he became a chef in a central global restaurant. The fermented MSG is what enhances the flavour, we’ll tell you.

3. The Pressure Fryers

KFC uses 11 herbs in its secret chicken recipe. It’s no secret. Have you ever wondered how they get that extra crispy crust? Their pressure fryers are to be credited for this extra crispiness. KFC only uses industrial-strength fryers. It makes the chicken crispier and keeps its moisture in check without making it soggy. KFC’s pressure fryers are a vital part of the preparation of chicken. This allows for fast cooking and less oil consumption.

4. Pocket-Friendly Deals & Offers

Do you believe a good meal should cost more than it is worth? Generation Z and millennials have discovered the delights of crispy fries and tender chicken, making them the ideal target audience for fast food restaurants. KFC’s meal deals ensure that its meals are affordable for everyone. There are over 30 deals available at KFC every day. Family dinners are a success with the KFC family bucket deal.

5. Their Original Chicken Is The Best

KFC still receives most of its orders from the USA for Colonel’s Chicken and other early meals such as chicken tenders, chicken pops, and hot wings. KFC keeps improving their menu online and at dine-in. Their core sellers are, however, their best sellers. KFC’s unique blend of spices, temperature accuracy and meal preparation is unmatched.

6. No Unwanted Gifts And Toys Reward

You may have noticed other KFC competitors trying to get you to buy their food with toys/add-ons or other value-added items. It is not surprising that most of these are useless. Delivering great food should be the top priority of a restaurant. KFC is a winner in both. All ages enjoy KFC’s meal due to their mouth watering taste.

7. Our Favourite Celebs Love KFC

What number of times have you had this happen to you? When you eat your meal, it suddenly says your crush likes the same dish. You’d be amazed how many celebrities have shown their loyalty to KFC. The Kardashians ordered a bucket of tenders, and Chrissy Teigen shared her love for KFC and John Legend.

There are many reasons to be loyal to KFC. If you feel bored by their food, you can recall the delicious aroma that fills the air whenever someone opens their packet of crispy, crispy chicken strips dipped into regular KFC gravy.


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