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Content and Information Terms

You do not get to copy the content of this website and to republish it for your own benefits do not use any of the information that is provided here for any other purpose than personal. The content or the information that is provided here is strictly not for commercial use. Do not duplicate any part of this website or try to imitate its style or design for personal or corporate benefits. The use of robots, spiders and other devices on this website is strictly prohibited. However, if you wish to write for us then you are welcome to contribute. Moreover, the content of this website is protected by copyrights and reproducing it or using it in anyway that is not personal is forbidden may it be in the form of text or in illustrated, audio and video forms. Content that is posted on the social media or that is posted by the contributor writers by no means reflect our views and opinions. We do hold any responsibility for any such content posted be it offensive, tabooed or profane.Ing to comply with all of the terms and conditions that are a part of the site’s policy.

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Prohibited Behavior and Activity

Following activity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated no matter what the circumstances are: stalking or spying on any of the members of the community or the active participants involved with the organization.

Malicious, Scandalous, Defamatory or Obscene Language or Content

Speaking or acting on the part of the organization when you are not associated with it.

Using the Platform to Harass or Intimidate Anyone

The use of harsh language, hate speech, abusive and vulgar content.

The use of robots and crawler software’s to store data of any kind from the website also, in case you come across any of the above mentioned activity, you can report the user directly to us and we will monitor him/her and see if it is in our power to ban him from the community.

Limitation of Liability

Any potential harm or adversity resulting from the use of our affiliated store products or our coupons is not our responsibility. Also, if a store fails to deliver to you your order or if the product fails to satisfy you, our platform cannot be held responsible for it. We do not take responsibility for the third parties affiliated with us and we strongly recommend you to use your cognitive skills and better judgment when deciding to order a coupon. And, when you do order the product it will be done entirely at your own discretion.


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