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Top 23 Bike Accessories For Kids That They Love (Safety Equipment Added)

Top 23 Bike Accessories For Kids

While biking is an excellent way for kids to stay active and have fun, it’s also essential to add biking accessories to your kid’s cycle to keep them interested and adventurous in biking while ensuring they have the right gear to stay safe. This article will look at the 40 best bike accessories for kids to help them be champions on the road. From helmets and reflective clothing to training wheels, bike locks and everything in between, we’ve got everything you need to keep your little ones safe and comfortable while exploring the world on two wheels. Whether your child is just learning to ride or knows how to ride a bike, these accessories will help them make the most of their biking adventures. So, let’s get started!

Bike Decoration Accessories:

Personalised Child Name Sticker

Children love personalised child name stickers for their bikes. They start loving their bike more with their names on them. These stickers not only add a personal touch to a child’s bike but also serve as a safety feature, making it easy for parents and caregivers to identify a child’s bike among a sea of similar-looking bicycles.

The best part is that they are affordable, easy to apply and can be ordered online with a wide range of designs, colours and fonts to choose from, allowing parents to create a unique and personalised design that reflects their child’s personality and style.

Bicycle Doll Seat with Sticker:

This whimsical doll seat brings extra fun to your child’s bike rides. Featuring a playful unicorn design, it comes with a decal that your little one can use to create a custom look for their doll. Plus, installing the seat is also very easy, taking only a few minutes with a screwdriver. The seat can hold dolls up to 45cm/18 inches, which is big enough to fit most dolls. Please ensure that your kid’s bike has a seat post diameter of 1 inch (25.4mm) before ordering, as this is the standard size for most kids’ bikes. 

Wheel Lights:

Wheel lights are a perfect fit for your kid’s bike, making it stand out and more attractive. They will make the bike stand out and can be seen from all angles. But these are not just about the cool factor – bike wheel lights are also built to last. They are waterproof and durable. It will take only a few minutes to install them. So why wait? Get bike wheel lights for your kids today, so they ride in style.

Multicoloured Bike Spoke Beads

Bike spoke beads are one of the old bike decoration things and are still used today. They give a funky look to the bike. With various colour options available, you can mix and match different colours to create a unique look for the bike. They can easily be attached to the front or back wheel of the bike and have a simple clip-on design for easy installation.

Bike Noise Maker

The Spokester bicycle noise maker is another bike accessory you can have for your child’s bike. This small toy attaches to the forks of the bike’s wheels and creates the sound of a motorcycle as the wheels move. Your Kids will love riding back and forth. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add excitement to bike rides and make them more fun. It’s a perfect addition to any child’s bike and makes a great gift for kids who love to ride.

Squeeze Horn

The Metal Horn is a perfect addition to any bike, whether for girls or boys. This horn produces an excellent loud sound when the rubber ball is squeezed, letting everybody know you’re coming. It comes in three different colour options, making it an excellent gift for both boys and girls. You can easily install it with a simple adjustable bracket that attaches to any bicycle handlebar.

Wheel Pattern Light

Light up your kid’s rides with this colourful pattern LED bike wheel light. With 32 different LED lights, it flashes 32 unique patterns that change every 4 seconds. The patterns are clear and complete when you reach a speed of 20 km/h. The light is fully waterproof but should not be submerged in water. It’s lightweight, won’t affect riding speed, and makes it safe for night riding. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) to operate.

Bike light

Keeping your child safe while riding their bike is essential, and a good set of lights is a great way to ensure they’re visible to others. They should be waterproof and durable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in bad weather. This set includes a front and rear light, so other road or path users can see your child from either side. The lights have three different modes: solid beam, slow flash, and fast flash, so your child can choose the one that works best for the situation. Attaching the lights to the bike is simple= due to the flexible strap and clip. They can be attached to handlebars, frames, bags, helmets, and more. 

Bike Bell

This bike bell is the perfect addition to your child’s bike, with a cute sunflower design that will turn heads. This will help kids signal to other riders or pedestrians that they’re approaching. It’s designed to fit on any handlebar with a diameter of 22mm or 0.866 inches, making it perfect for use on a wide range of bikes and scooters. With its loud sound, this bell will help keep your kid safe while they are out on the road. Installation is also too easy and takes just a minute. Just tighten the screw on the handlebar, and the bell will be securely attached. Order yours today and give yourself the experience of safety and style of this top-of-the-line bike bell to your kid.

Handlebar Streamers

Add sparkle and fun to your child’s ride with these colourful streamers for their bike. They’re the perfect way for kids to dress up their bikes and make them their own. Measuring 25 cm/9.8 inches long, these streamers are sure to fly and dance in the wind while riding, adding excitement to any trip. These streamers are perfect for kids’ bikes, tricycles, and scooters. 


A good pedal gives the bike an attractive look as well. Since some of the bikes do not have good pedals, you can also purchase the pedals after the market that are more durable, better and with a firmer grip. Consider the pedals that have reflectors as well instead of the normal ones.

Handlebar Pinwheel

This pinwheel is a fun and decorative accessory that spins as your child rides their bike. It easily attaches to the handlebar and is compatible with all standard bike handlebars. It is colourful and gives a cool look as it spins in the air when the bike is moving.

Water Bottle Cage and Water Bottle

A bike water bottle is the perfect hydration companion for your child’s bike rides. Designed with a smaller and easy-to-use cap, it’s perfect for little hands to hold and drink from. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, this water bottle is built to withstand the rough and tumble of kids’ play. The leak-proof cap keeps the water inside and prevents any accidental spills. It’s easy to install on most kids’ bikes with the help of a water bottle cage.

Bike Safety Accessories

Helmet Protective Gear Set 

A good helmet protective gear set is essential when protecting children during outdoor sports and activities. The helmet should be adjustable as per the kid’s face. It’s also important to measure the head circumference slightly above the eyebrows to ensure the correct size is chosen.

To provide comprehensive protection for children while biking, protective gear sets are also available that include not only a helmet but also knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. They protect the children from getting scratched and hurt if they fall on their knees, hands or elbows. They are designed to provide impact resistance to protect children during sports activities.

Training Wheels

 Training wheels are a must-have accessory to ride a bike if your kid is in the learning phase. These wheels attach to the back of the bike and provide extra stability while a child is learning to balance. This helps them learn how to ride without fearing falling over. The training wheels can be adjusted or removed as the child’s confidence, and balance improves.

Bike lock

Keeping your child’s bike safe and secure is essential, and one of the best ways to do that is with a bike lock. It attaches to the bike and prevents it from being stolen. There are different bike locks, including chain locks, cable locks, and U-locks, but the most suitable ones for kids are cable locks. Cable locks are made of braided steel cable and a locking mechanism and are suitable for securing a bike in areas with low to medium crime rates.

It’s also essential to ensure the lock is easy for your child, as they will be using it regularly.


For your kid’s safety, remember to attach bike mirrors to their bike before they ride it. The kids only have a few solid reflexes or are not that attentive all the time to look around, so the bike mirror adds a good safety feature. It attaches to the bike’s handlebar and allows your kid to see what’s behind them without turning their head. It’s an added level of safety and awareness while they’re riding. It allows them to be aware of their surroundings and make informed decisions about when to move or stop.


Whether your child is just learning to ride a bike or already knows, it’s essential to give them bike gloves to protect their hands; these gloves are specially designed to keep your child’s hands safe and comfortable while riding.

They protect your child’s hands from scrapes and cuts in case of a fall. They also provide a better grip on the handlebars, which can prevent hand fatigue and blisters. And if your child is riding on a rough road, the padding on the palms of many bike gloves can help absorb vibrations and shocks, making for a more comfortable ride.

Rain Suit

Rain, go away, but wait! Don’t let the forecast ruin your child’s biking plans. Buy a good rain suit and let them enjoy the ride even on a rainy day. Rain gear is typically made of waterproof and breathable materials that will keep your child dry while allowing sweat to escape. It’s like a superhero suit for biking in the rain.  In addition to keeping your child dry, good rain gear provides an extra layer of insulation, keeping them warm on a chilly, wet day. This can prevent them from getting cold-related illnesses, and they can continue to enjoy their biking adventure without interruption.

Bike Basket:

A bike basket is another excellent and helpful accessory for your child. You can attach it to the front of the bike so that they can carry small items like toys, snacks, or a water bottle. One of the best things about kids’ bike baskets is that they are typically made from lightweight and durable materials. This means that they won’t weigh the bike down, and they’ll be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Many of these baskets are also washable, making it easy to keep them clean and look new.

Installing a kids’ bike basket is usually a breeze. They come with adjustable straps or hooks that make it easy to attach them to the handlebars or the bike’s frame. This means that even if your child’s bike is a different size or shape from the one you used when you bought the basket, you can still make it work.

Bike Maintenance Accessories

Bike Pump

A kid’s bike tire pump is a must-have tool for any parent whose child rides a bike. Keeping the right pressure on the tires of a child’s bike is essential for their safety and performance. It allows for better traction, increased tire life, improved handling and better safety on the road. With a kid’s bike tire pump, parents can quickly check and adjust the pressure of their child’s tires and keep them at the optimal level for the best performance and longevity. 

Chain Lube

A bike chain lube is essential to keep the chain of a bike running smoothly. It helps to reduce friction and prevents rust and corrosion. It usually comes in small bottles, with a dropper or brush applicator to make it easy to apply on the chain. Using a chain lube can help your child’s bike run more smoothly and quietly and prolong the life of the chain. 

Bike Tool Kit

Since your kid has a bike, it is possible that it can get a puncture, the tire gets flat etc. Upgrade your bike repair kit with this all-in-one multi-function tool set. It includes everything you need to fix a flat tire, such as three tire levers, five tyre patches (with glue), six glue-free tire patches (self-adhesive), one metal tire rasp, two valve cores, two valve hat, one valve core wrench, two rubber bands, and a black work bag to keep it all organised. With 16 functions, this set includes a socket hex wrench, slotted screwdriver, sleeve extension rod, flat wrench, spoke wrench, and inner hex key wrench; it can help you fix most problems with the bike. The kit is made of high-quality, durable materials, easy to carry, and convenient.


In conclusion, investing in the right bike accessories for your child can make all the difference in safety, comfort, and enjoyment. These accessories will help your child be a champion on the road, from helmets and reflective clothing to training wheels and bike locks. Remember to prioritise safety and ensure your child is comfortable and can easily access the things they need while biking.


Other accessories that may interest parents include bike racks, bike trailers, child seats and saddlebags.

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